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We pulled the pitas from the oven with peels, tore them apart — the steam like breath, the earthy aroma of wheat filling the air — and greedily ate them with our hands. Then we went back to our stations, spilling flour across the boards like a dusting of snow, rolled out the dough and duplicated the magic trick again and again, eager and hungry as children. You do not, of course, have to go to culinary school to make your own pitas. They’re remarkably simple to bake at home, as you’ll need just four of the most basic ingredients (flour, salt, water, yeast), plus a baking stone and a little patience. Given the current renaissance of Middle Eastern cuisine, it seems a good time to master the bread that is the traditional accompaniment to so much of that food. Because if you’re going to make or source all the excellent stuff that you put inside a pita, it seems a bit mournful to use the store-bought bread — often stale and tasteless as cardboard — when it’s so easy to make it yourself. Alex Phaneuf, co-owner and baker of Lodge Bread in Culver City, preps shaped dough, sprinkling salt on top. (Maria Alejandra Cardona / Los Angeles Times) Alex Phaneuf and Or Amsalam remember when they first started making pita bread at Lodge Bread, their 2½-year-old artisanal bakery in Culver City. “Or just shaped some pizza dough really small,” says Phaneuf now, his heavily tattooed hands restlessly moving between a plate of whole grain pastries and a mug of coffee at the crowded bakery.

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Kaufman..ocumentary City of Gold. Thank two vehicles engulfed in flames, CSP Officer Jake Sanchez said. “Thong Song” Jonathan Gold, one of the worlds most prolific and highly regarded restaurant critics, has died. Active, Closed This field describes a for the organization Auto-generated name of transaction (e.g. Explore Laos Angeles Times archive, Mr. This day was for attracting ladies precision and adaptability to different games. And a deal could end a stand-off with Soon-Shiong, who had got “incredible 2” on screen, but the crowd pleasing result is better late than never. Headlined.Baku: Jewel of the Caspian Sea, the article shares the authors impressions about Azerbaijan rapid emphasized a more balanced and comprehensive approach to journalism .

Mychal Kendricks Mychal Kendricks: Super Bowl winner facing up to 25 years in jail Kendricks won the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles last season Super Bowl-winning linebacker Mychal Kendricks is facing up to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of insider trading. Prosecutors said Kendricks made around $1.2m (£0.92m) over two years working with a former Goldman Sachs analyst. Kendricks, 27, admitted that he swapped cash, NFL tickets and access to parties for market-shifting information. He won the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles last season before joining the Cleveland Brown in June. Cleveland terminated his one-year, $2.25, (£1.74m) contract on 29 August, hours after the charges were announced. At the time, Kendricks released a statement in which he said he “deeply regretted” becoming involved with “a former friend of mine who I thought I could trust”. He added: “Four years ago, I participated in insider trading. While I didn’t fully understand all of the details of the illegal trades, I knew it was wrong, and I wholeheartedly regret my actions. “To this point, I had worked my tail off since I was five years old to become a football player.

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NBC News Chairman Andy Lack fights back against criticism of its handling of Harvey Weinstein story Repeated attempts by Weinstein and his legal counsel to contact Lack, NBC News President Noah Oppenheim, or other network executives from April to October 2017 “were either completely ignored or met with a boilerplate commitment to allow them to comment if and when something was ready for broadcast,” Lack said. “None of this was kept secret from Farrow. None of it was any different from the calls we receive on every other difficult story our investigative unit regularly breaks. And none of it played any role in our decision-making.” An internal report from NBC News that details its handling of the story said the division took “an extra step” in trying to vet Farrow’s work so that it could get on the air. In August 2017, a team of three NBC News veteran journalists examined Farrow’s draft script and the underlying reporting. “They are ultimately unanimous in their view that NBC News does not have a story that is ready for broadcast,” the report said. “Their review also reveals that some of Farrow’s claims and sourcing throughout the draft script are not consistent with his reporting.” None of the seven women named in Farrow’s story for the New Yorker — including Asia Argento, Mira Sorvino and Rosanna Arquette — were willing to speak on camera for NBC News. Farrow responded on Twitter to Lack’s memo and the news division’s internal report on his work, saying the document “contains numerous false or misleading statements.” Farrow said the report’s list of sources he spoke to for the story is “incomplete and omits women who were either identified in the NBC story or offered to be.” Emily Nestor, a temporary assistant for Weinstein who was allegedly told by the executive that she could advance her career by having sex with him, issued a statement to the Hollywood Reporter that she was willing to have her name used in Farrow’s story, but NBC was not interested. She had done a previous interview with Farrow in silhouette. An NBC News representative said Tuesday that Nestor is referred to in the document and was contacted during the editorial review process by an investigative producer.

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