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Republicans Accuse Twitter of Bias Against Conservatives

Dorsey about the way Twitter’s systems treat conservative voices, including the methods by which the service suggests people to follow or selects certain users to be promoted. Mr. Dorsey, in his prepared testimony — which he also posted on Twitter — called bias in algorithms an important, but complex, matter. “Our responsibility is to understand, measure, and reduce accidental bias due to factors such as the quality of the data used to train our algorithms,” he said. Democrats slammed their Republican colleagues, saying they were promoting unproven allegations of bias for political fund-raising ahead of the midterms. Campaigns for House Leader Kevin McCarthy and President Trump have promoted their criticism of social media bias in online fund-raising ads. Again and again, Mr. Dorsey rebuffed the claims that Twitter favors one political viewpoint over another. “Looking at the data, we analyzed tweets sent by all members of the House and Senate, and found no statistically significant difference between the number of times a tweet by a Democrat is viewed versus a Republican, even after our ranking and filtering of tweets has been applied,” he said at one point. The contentiousness was evident more than an hour into the House hearing, when the right-wing activist Laura Loomer interrupted to accuse social media executives of censoring conservative voices.

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