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The U.S. bullied the world to stop a pro-breastfeeding resolution? That's the American way

The U.S. bullied the world to stop a pro-breastfeeding resolution? That But they haven’t said much about its recent use of trade threats on behalf of multinational corporations. According to a New York Times report , the administration tried to deep-six a resolution at the World Health Assembly to encourage breastfeeding. It warned smaller nations such as Ecuador that it would face trade sanctions and withdrawal of military aid if it introduced the pro-breastfeeding resolution. Countries succumbed one by one to U.S. intimidation until Russia intervened to stop the bullying, and the resolution finally passed. Even then, U.S. negotiators pulled language that would have urged the World Health Organization to support countries seeking to improve infant nutrition. Why would Trump officials make a stink about the non-controversial claim that breast milk is healthy? Because there’s a $70-billion, deeply concentrated global industry in baby formula substitutes, which relies on misinformation and ignorance to peddle its product to the world.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) looks on as U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to other leaders as they pose for a family photo at the Park of the Cinquantenaire during the NATO Summit in Brussels, He has previously been highly critical of the alliance, complaining the US pays more than others. by Jonathan Marcus, BBC diplomatic correspondent Welcome to Trump world. His press conference at Nato ranged from bluster to the bizarre but there is no doubting the president has had an effect. There was “a new sense of urgency” about increasing defence spending according to Jens Stoltenberg. But just how much extra money there will be and how quickly remains to be seen. Just as with his summit in North Korea, reality appears to be what President Trump decides it to be. The mere fact that the president of the alliance’s essential member could even entertain the idea that the US might leave Nato is extraordinary. But by the end of the summit he said he believed in the alliance. This dissonance is at the heart of the Trump method. shopping bag icon shopping cart cover shopping stores near me recommended reading shopping mall shopping in malibu get more info shopping bags wholesale best online shopping websites introduction of online shopping

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