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What it's like to shop at Everlane's store in NYC - Business Insider

Another display has information about each of the factories Everlane uses around the world. Across from the factory information, there’s a display with a pair of headphones playing the sounds of Everlane’s Los Angeles T-shirt production factory. The sign boasts that the brand donated its 2015 Black Friday profits to develop a wellness and education program at this factory. Like on its product descriptions online, Everlane’s clothing labels contain information about its ethical practices, providing a link to its website to find out more. Every pair of jeans has a tag explaining the brand’s sustainable practices. #DAMNGOODDENIM is written all over the store. The denim is all priced at $68 a pair. Everlane has a decently sized denim collection, but it doesn’t have a ton of available sizes in-store. It was well-organized and there were always employees there to help, but this made no difference when I had trouble finding my size to try on. Most of the denim is in one section, which was pretty crowded. There was denim scattered on other shelves around the store as well.

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