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How a Pakistani Food Blogger Living in Mexico Shops

I know this has fallen out of fashion, but I do this capsule thing — I don’t follow it religiously, but there’s this blog called un-fancy , and she has this capsule tool where she limits the number of seasonal clothes to 37 pieces a month, including shoes. I’ve been doing it for about two years, and I’m a strong believer in it. Over the past year and a half, I’ve been trying to build a very solid seasonal capsule that I really love. Over time, I’ve just been trying to see the gaps. And once a while I try to put in some kind of trendy piece, but one that I can tolerate for the next two to three years. Has that changed since you’ve moved to Mexico? Now that I work from home, the game has changed. I still wear a lot of trousers, but thank god I no longer have to wear pencil skirts, which I’m very grateful for! I have a few dresses that were kind of work dresses that I still like enough that I could wear them out here.

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