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A young man walks past a polling station That there was no surge in youth turnout should probably not be as surprising as it is. Everything we know about turnout suggests that voting is “sticky” – most people who vote in one election will go on to vote at subsequent elections, and most people who abstain will continue to do so. We also know that older people are more likely to vote than young people – something that has always been the case in Britain and other countries. Overall turnout did go up in 2017, but only by 2.5 percentage points. All of this suggests that large, sudden, and unexpected shifts in the age-turnout relationship are very unlikely. The idea that there was a surge in youth turnout may reflect a belief that politicians achieve success because of what they set out to do. In this case, increasing youth turnout was part of Mr Corbyn’s political strategy. As Labour did unexpectedly well, it was not unreasonable to form the view that the strategy paid off. In a sense it did: Labour was more popular among young people than old people in 2017 and its share of the youth vote did increase. But winning the support of more of the young people who vote is not the same as a surge in youth turnout.

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